“Where has this bag been all my life?”

-Jessica E.

Our Story

Our product line developed out of necessity for women all over.

The current options on the market are not meeting the functional and aesthetic demands of today's multi-faceted woman. This woman is trying to fit 48 hours of work into 24 hours by simplifying their lifestyles and using every minute of her day wisely. This comes at the expense of either personal enrichment, career progression, or health and wellness as carrying the essential items for each priority requires separate bags. No one wants to carry multiple bags. And with the evolution of the working environment, we all need to be able to move from location to location with ease and efficiency. Not only is this a matter of efficiency, but women are often judged by the appearances first, and then their qualifications, so maintaining professional appearance is also critical to this population.

Meet Makeda

Makeda Mikael is the multi-dimensional, go-getter, multi-tasking woman for whom these products were made. She is a registered dietitian, a military spouse, and a new mom. She understands women are constantly adding new titles to their lives and therefore, require work bags that fit each new role. As a military spouse, she understands that the military lifestyle demands spouses get creative with their careers and adapt to the ever changing lifestyle. In her spare time, she loves to challenge herself with a new workout, try new recipes, spend time traveling with her family, and is truly obsessed with Law and Order: SVU.